Interview with Amanda Kautt

The fabulous, fashion-forward Amanda Kautt, owner of L’Atelier Couture in St. Paul, muses on the upcoming Royal Wedding.

Amanda Kautt portrait by Liz Banfield

So, a royal wedding is on the horizon. Are you old enough to remember Charles & Diana’s wedding? What did you think at the time?

I was three years old when the Royal wedding occurred but I do remember the images over the years of her amazing gown and extensive train. I remember comparing her to Julie Andrews in the Sound of Music, which ultimately began my love affair with weddings and dressing up. It all seemed like a great big fairytale and that marriage and the gown were the ultimate achievement.

I know, fairytale, right? How fun would it be to be Catherine Middleton right now?

AHHH…mazing! Who gets to wear feathers and hats and couture almost everyday? I love how fresh and modern her princess image is becoming. It is much more approachable and realistic. It is nice to see that having the ability to choose whatever she wants has not affected the girl she is at the very heart of it all. There is nothing ostentatious about it which gives us all hope the marriage will be successful and built on the puffery of Royals.

I wholeheartedly agree. She has great style and never makes one of those “huh?” choices. That’s why I can’t wait to see her wedding dress! Interesting you should mention the iconic Sound of Music wedding because I’m seeing her in something like that – very fitted, lacy, tailored and covered up. Any predictions you care to share?

I was thinking that as well. Traditionally, the princess needs to wear sleeves of some kind and be more conservative. Her taste is very classic and I envision her in a 3/4 fitted sleeve gown that skims her body through the hip, a modified-A-line silhouette. I don’t see her in much texture or lace. I know that she will encourage a new bridal trend and I look forward to the next season of bridal fashions.

I think it will be very influential, indeed. I’m wondering if the royal wedding will inspire an interest in British design overall. Who are your favorite British designers (bridal or otherwise)? Any up and comers?

I definitely agree. I think we have totally missed British influence over the years and I think this will truly help acknowledge the fashion relevance coming from Great Britain. I LOVE Jenny Packham and used to carry her bridal collection. She designs very feminine and romantic pieces. Temperley London is also another favorite as well as Stella McCartney. I also love the classic look of Burberry just to name a few.

Amanda, it’s been a pleasure. Thank you for sharing your insights!

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