Abinger Common, Surrey


Fresh idea for wedding gown

The RTW gown from Temperly of London really knocked my socks off as seen in this Martha Stewart Weddings “Real Weddings” story. Such a perfect choice for this creative couple. Photo credit Natalie Neal.


What does is mean when a retailer takes up the task of editorial? Well, carefully done, it can be a convenient mix of inspiration and the ability to acquire a look. Looking through the NET-A-PORTER’s online magazine “London Issue” I thought this Temperley London dress on Alexa Chung was positively bewitching!

masters of paint

After reading about the brand in numerous decorating magazines I finally tried Farrow & Ball Paint for myself this week. I’ve always been captivated by the designer mystique of this celebrated brand. I now understand that it’s not only the carefully curated colors (above, see “Arsenic”) but the quality of the paint application. The process was a true pleasure. I’m a total convert. Next time I want to repaint the walls, I won’t blink at the premium pricing.

Savage Beauty

I just returned from the most extraordinary exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  The exhibit celebrates the works of visionary designer Alexander McQueen.  I was an Art History major in college and subsequently have viewed many exhibits over the years but I would rank this museum experience, including the amazing presentation of the works, as “once in a lifetime.”   McQueen’s art so clearly came from the mind of a genius that it’s positively heartbreaking to think he is no longer living, at his own hand.  I felt so moved at this thought that I shed a tear at the exhibit exit. I’m attaching a photo published by the museum, as photographs were not allowed in the galleries.  It will be up until July 31st.  Don’t miss it.


A group of my favorite women gathered last night at the Grand Hotel in Minneapolis for a glamorous dinner hosted by Anne M. Cramer and me.  We awoke at 4:00 a.m. to watch the coverage.  What a memorable event all around!

Clovelly, Devonshire

Right behind the rumors about who is designing Catherine Middleton’s dress is where will the couple honeymoon.  One source predicts they will honeymoon in Devonshire, choosing to stay on the British Isles for practical and political reasons.  One thought would be this charming town of Clovelly.  It would certainly give the paparazzi a run for their money since the tiny privately owned town has cobbled streets so narrow and so steep that cars are not allowed to drive there.  I visited this village several years ago with my husband.  We are talking about traveling to the UK with our children in the coming year and I’d love to see it again.

rain and bumbershoots

I just checked the weather report for London and it looks like rain for Friday’s Royal Wedding in London.  Nothing a cute umbrella can’t help, though I do feel sorry for all the spectators.  Here’s hoping it holds off until the HRHs make their exit from Westminster.

what’s cool?

Rugby shirts in red, white, and blue from Boden.

My first British Crush…

I know everyone loves Sean Connery, but my 007 actor of choice was always Roger Moore, circa his Octopussy days.

I wish I knew what photographer took this.  Please let me know if you do so I can give proper credit.